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The Youth Club of the Golf Club I Lauri aims to start the world of golf for children and teenagers, infusing them with the values ​​that distinguish this wonderful sport, which with its peculiarities has a strong ethical and educational component, making it a true and own life gym.

The “spirit” that distinguishes this game includes the following values:

HONESTY: players must write their score and mark any penalties without the intervention of a referee
INTEGRITY: golf is a game of etiquette and fairness, the player is responsible for his actions and personnel at all times, even when others do not watch
SPORTS: learn to win with respect and lose with dignity, always applying the rules
RESPECT: it is important to show respect for oneself, for playmates, for all other competitors, for the field, for the honor and traditions of the game
TRUST-SECURITY: players can increase confidence in their skills by focusing on work and training regardless of the result
RESPONSIBILITY: the players are responsible for the conduct in the field, keep the score, rake the bunker, repair the clods and the pitch marks, keep the pace of play without slowing down
PERSEVERANCE: to improve you must overcome bad times, learn from mistakes, overcome your limits and work hard
COURTESY: A round of golf starts and ends with a handshake between the players. When a partner is about to make the shot, silence must be respected
DECISIONAL AUTONOMY: in the field the player must continuously make decisions about the strategy, the choice of the club or the shot. This gets used to linking causes and consequences and evaluating the different options
The aim of the Youth Club is to accompany young people in the growth of golf, transferring PASSION for golf, giving the TECHNICAL and PHYSICAL BASIS so that they can one day express their potential without limitations.

All with FUN!